Need a New Roof? Why Choose Cedar Over Asphalt?

Products manufactured from cedar material are valued for their unique look, great insulation value, high resistance to decay and their sweet earthy aroma. Cedar products are lightweight and robust which makes them a popular choice for roofing materials. Cedar, when exposed to elements will turn silver-gray in color, which adds to its attractive features, but likewise, helps structures to keep cool in summer and warm during winter.

Here are 5 benefits of cedar over asphalt roofing.

1. Cedar is More Resistant to Rot and Decay than Asphalt

Cedar remains to be a major material for constructing buildings, homes, and other structures. Because of the amazing long history of utilizing cedar wood for crafting and building material, it is highly unlikely that this will ever change. The material is resistant to rot and decay due to exposure to excessive rain, is repulsive to different types of insects like subterranean termites and moths, it will not corrode or fade because of natural element exposure, and has less possibility to shrink when compared to asphalt. Cedar is also a great smelling material that can enhance the look of any building or home, and it will last longer as compared to other roofing materials like asphalt.

2. Cedar Offers Options just Like Asphalt

There are two types of roofing materials; shingle and shake. The ideal size of roofing material re 18-inch wood shingles and are usually known as “Perfection” while the 24-inch wide shingles are referred to as “Royal.”

3. Cedar Looks Better than Asphalt

If you are building a traditional older house, cedar is the perfect choice because its look will always be on trend. But this doesn’t mean that asphalt is less attractive. Asphalt is also available in a wide variety of shapes and colors and the patterned asphalt roofs will also look good. If you’re looking for longevity, cost and looks, cedar would be your best option.

4. Cedar has Less Maintenance Costs

Most roofing materials will require some maintenance after several years. Algae may tend to hold on to asphalt roofing better than cedar shakes. Although this will not obstruct your roof’s protection capabilities, it could result in premature staining and overall replacement.

Treated cedar will be able to outlast asphalt shingles for up to 30 years in the right conditions.

5. Cedar Can Resist Wind and Damage Better

Cedar has been proven to be highly resistant to impact and can withstand up to 245 miles per hour wind speeds. Asphalt may blow off a roof when high winds strike because it is a weaker material. Fallen branches can also cause damage to asphalt shingles easily. When it comes to deciding on a roofing material, cedar has more benefits than asphalt. If you would like to get an idea on how much it will cost you for your roofing construction get a free estimate now.

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